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Considering Decorative Concrete?

Considering Decorative Concrete?

If you are noticing deep cracks worsening in your residential or commercial concrete where shifting or settling has occurred, often caused by cold winter months or other climate factors? You may be considering consulting a professional contractor to determine whether the original concrete should be replaced or refurbished. If the damage is repairable, decorative concrete overlays can be a cost effective method for covering significant faults and imperfections, while dramatically altering the appearance of interior and exterior concrete surfaces, for a minimal investment compared to a total overhaul of existing material. For Tacoma decorative concrete solutions, read on!

It Often Pays to Overlay

Concrete overlays and decorative concrete coverings are often used in a variety of applications, because they are considered multipurpose for both functional and aesthetic reasons, and can be applied for the protection and maintenance of pavement or concrete slab surfaces. Not only are concrete patio, driveway and floor overlays a cost effective way to achieve a fresh and eye-catching decorative surface, but they also have the capability to extend the life and integrity of an existing concrete structure, while often decreasing the likelihood that complete replacement will be necessary.

Spray-down overlays work well for interior concrete floor overlays, or exterior concrete patio overlays. Using an air-powered sprayer, this finish style is sprayed evenly onto concrete for a flowing, consistent finish. If a textured or non-slip surface is preferred instead, a mixture of spray products can be applied with use of a hopper or other appropriate spray equipment, not unlike the process used to achieve varied surface treatments on painted surfaces. For a unique, show-stopping custom decorative concrete design that will leave your house guests amazed, embossed motifs, tile patterns, and even company logos or family crests, are feasible through a highly skilled professional decorative concrete contractor.

Micro-toppings are micro-thin overlays intended solely to be decorative. This overlay process ?is spread to create single or multiple layers, for a variety of effects, in an array of textures. The color tones and patterns achievable are by this method are truly limitless, because the material can be tinted at some stage in the mixing or almost immediately after pouring.

Self-leveling decorative concrete overlays are just like they sound, because they level themselves without troweling following pumping or pouring onto an existing surface. If your primary motivation is repair or restoration of damaged concrete surfaces, this type of overlay may prove most convenient where expedient, minimal labor is preferred. This method is commonly used in preparation for leveling an area for application of wood, carpet, tile or other surface flooring material. Tacoma decorative concrete professional installers may also perform this decorative concrete technique when incorporating, inlays, dyes or engraved designs.

It Doesn't Hurt to Ask

Decorative concrete overlays may prove to be a minimally invasive fix and relatively inexpensive, for a maximum impact design. If your concrete is in need of rejuvenation, the preceding ideas are just a few in a broad selection of practical and artistic remedies for BCS (Boring Concrete Syndrome). Not only can they revitalize significant surface structures, but they may surprise you with an added WOW factor for a heck of a lot less money than you might think. For Tacoma decorative concrete, contact us today to discuss possibilities for your next home or commercial project.

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