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Painting A Garage Floor

Painting A Garage Floor

A clean surface is crucial.  Be sure to remove any oil or grease from the floor.  Large grease stains can be partially absorbed by kitty litter then scrubbed out with a TSP solution using a mop and/or a scrub brush.  Be sure to rinse the floor completely and let it dry for several days.

If there are any holes or cracks in the concrete floor they must be fixed before painting.  A concrete patch or hydraulic cement can be used to repair any holes or smooth out any rough surface.   Pay attention to manufacturer’s recommendations for applying concrete patch and know the time it will take to dry before you can begin painting.

To test that the floor is completely dry and free of leaks, tape down pieces of plastic to the concrete floor so that they are air-tight around the room.  Leave them overnight and in the morning look to see if any condensation has formed.  If you see any moisture, the concrete must be properly sealed before painting.

Once the floor is ready to paint, a good primer, specifically developed for concrete floors, should be applied before the paint. 

After the primer has been allowed to dry completely, painting of the floor surface can begin.  The paint should also be concrete-compatible and of a high quality.  Additives can be used to make the floor less slippery or to add texture to the final surface.

Different patterns can be created on the floor:  Faux stone can be achieved, different colors can be used to create vein lines, patterns can be taped off with one section of color and design completed and dried before moving on to another section.  Your imagination – and your budget - are the only limits!

Once the floor has been painted and is completely dry, the final step is to apply a sealer.  Concrete paint sealers are often noxious, so the area should be well ventilated.  A coat or two of a quality sealer will protect your beautifully painted floors for years to come.

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