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Epoxy Floors and Industrial Coatings

Epoxy Floors and Industrial Coatings

Where can epoxy floors or industrial coatings be used?
Epoxy floors or industrial coatings can be applied over any existing floor in your home, garage, shop, retail space, office or warehouse.

Do epoxy floors last?
Options that come with 15-year warranties are available. Preparation is the most important thing for longevity of any floor system you have installed.

What are chip floors?
Chip floors are floors with vinyl chips that come in various colors and are embedded in the epoxy or polyaspartic. They provide good skid-resistance and look very attractive. They are well suited for garage floor applications. Custom colors are available.

What are metallic epoxy floors?
Metallic epoxy floors consist of color and metallic elements mixed in with the epoxy to give an amazing look that is vibrant and impressive. They are commercial duty, traffic grade, and can be applied in offices, retail spaces, warehouses, homes, garages, and shops.

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