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Decorative Floors

Decorative Floors

Forget smelly old carpets, expensive tiling, crumbling brick or wood that you have to baby as it takes on every scratch and ding - there is a better way. Any size home or business can benefit from the affordability and great looks of decorative concrete flooring.

It may seem odd at first to think of the words 'decorative' and 'concrete' in the same sentence, but the world of decorative concrete has come a long, long way. Designers, contractors and home owners have discovered the beauty, fun and flexibility of the most durable and cost-effective building material - how about you?

Consider all the options

Coloring your concrete may be done in a myriad of different ways. There are stains, dyes and paints that you may use on existing concrete that make it stronger and more appealing. New concrete may be treated with integral color or dry-shake color hardeners. With so many shades and methods to choose from, you can get the exact shade and visual texture you're looking for and with far less fuss than any other medium.

Engraving is also called hand-carving and the effect is just that: a custom design that is carved into your solid concrete slab. It gives the look and feel of grouting without the actual gaps in materials - similar to stamping. Combined with coloring, the result is striking and looks like real inlaid tile, stone or brick.

You may even embed mementos or other design work into your decorative concrete. This is a great method for both floors and countertops. Clients have embedded vintage tile pieces, stones, jewelry and even glasswork into dyed or textured concrete, giving it a one-of-a-kind artistic look and feel.

How will you use it?

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. Request a Quote today to explore the ways to use decorative concrete flooring to beautify your home or business today!

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