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Lawn Replacement & Sprinkler Systems

Lawn Replacement & Sprinkler Systems

Lawn SprinklerDesigning the perfect front or back yard is just like planning out the design of a home, minus the interior walls. It's up to you to plan the flow, the division of space and the overall attractiveness. This can be a daunting task, but once you figure out what you want and get your ideas down on paper, you can make your landscaping dream a reality. Your landscaping ideas can be as simple as planting a new flower bed, designing a sprinkler system or completely renovating your lawn and laying sod. The choices are endless, the work is hard, but the end result is perfection.

Lawn Replacement

If properly cared for, most lawns will thrive and grow healthily. But sometimes, no matter how much fertilizer you use or how many times you mow, older lawns start to show some wear and tear. This might be a good time to consider giving your lawn a little care and do some lawn replacement. The following are a couple of signs that your lawn is in dire need of renovation.

  • Bare spots appear that don't grow back
  • Weeds have populated your yard and are hard to get rid of
  • Invading grasses from neighboring lawns have taken over your yard
  • Pet urine has created dead spots

If your lawn is beyond minor repairs, it may be time to replace it. Lawn installation can come in different forms such as seeding your grass or putting in sod. There is no new lawn installation more satisfying than sod, especially since it is instant grass and at full maturity. There is no hassle of dealing with seeding. In most landscapes, the old lawn can be taken out and the new lawn installed in a matter of days. Sod can greatly increase your property value and with proper care, it will remain a great asset to your landscape design. If sod is a little out of the budget, grass seed installation is a nice savings alternative. Grass seed may take a bit longer to germinate and grow, but the end result is still a beautiful new lawn.

Sprinkler System

Now that you have your beautiful new lawn, you need to take care of it! Many homeowners that have just installed a new lawn opt for a sprinkler system. An underground sprinkler system uses pipes laid below the surface of your yard to deliver water to flowerbeds, grass and other plants throughout your yard. Sprinkler systems are a popular alternative to using portable sprinklers that connect to a hose. Sprinkler systems can consist of aboveground sprinkler heads or underground sprinkler heads that pop up to provide water and then sink back down when they are not in use. There are many benefits to having a sprinkler system installed in your yard. First, they can be set up to automatically provide water on a certain timetable. This eliminates the need of you having to constantly set up and run your sprinklers - a definite time saver! Also, the ability to set a specific time for your sprinkler to go off, such as watering overnight when there is no sun to evaporate the water, costs less in terms of water bills and is more environmentally friendly. If you are ready for a sprinkler system, we do full installation as well as repair on a current sprinkler system. Lose the hassle of hauling portable sprinklers around your yard and call us today.

Adding a Fence for Aesthetic Value or Safety

A fence can add some architectural interest to a yard or garden, adding another dimension to your landscaping design. When landscaping, there are many factors to consider. Do you need a fence simply for decoration or will you be building for security and privacy purposes? It's important to consider factors such as durability, budget and function. Wood is strong and a great option to protect your property and keep your children and/or animals safe. Cedar wood fencing has a natural golden/red hue that adds a bit of a rustic flair and can complement your landscaping nicely. We are here to help you with your design needs and assist you in building the perfect fence for your back or front yard. We can take care of everything from installation to repair, so don't hesitate to contact us today.

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