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Painted Concrete

Painted Concrete

Have you ever walked into the lobby of a large business and seen their logo, shiny and vivid, emblazoned on the floor?

Have you ever gone to a courthouse, a restaurant or a friend's patio and wondered how they could have afforded the beautiful marble or tiling?

Have you ever admired an intricate or ethnic pattern, only to realize that it is not a rug but actually part of the permanent flooring?

If you recognize any of these scenarios, then you have appreciated painted concrete!

Concrete is, by and large, the most durable and cost effective flooring and building material in existence. Don't let the dull gray appearance fool you - concrete has a lot to offer and can actually be quite attractive. One of many ways to turn a boring concrete slab into a thing of beauty is to paint it.

The term "painted concrete" is often used to encompass all methods of coloring concrete, which may include staining or dying the set concrete or adding integral color or dry-shake color hardeners to concrete mixtures. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method but the decorative possibilities are endless.

Your painted concrete can take on the look of any natural substance - including stone, slate and even marble. There are no seams, cracks or lines to contend with so it makes a great weed barrier. Many of the coloring agents actually harden the concrete and/or make it less susceptible to UV damage. Some may even be polished for indoor use, including counter tops.

With painted concrete, you may achieve intricate and detailed color variations that range from repetitive, geometric patterns to more random, organic patterns. You may design your own - including logos, slogans or even a portrait or personal work of art.

With simple enhancements, such as colored borders and color texturing, you can create an entirely new look for your home, office or outdoor space for a mere fraction of the cost of laying stone or brickwork.

Whether laying new concrete or freshening up the look of existing concrete, there is a look, texture and method that is just right for you. Contact Decorative Concrete Etc. to look at samples and get a quote today!

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