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Decorative Concrete Services

Decorative Concrete Services

Polyaspartic Floor Covering
Polyaspartic polyuria is a new polymer sealant that beautifies and protects your flooring. It is crystal clear, fast setting and by far the most durable covering you can use. It outperforms traditional epoxy and urethane and offers long-lasting endurance no other floor coating can boast.

Polished Concrete Floors
In today's world, concrete is no longer a boring gray slab of cement. The possibilities are endless to achieve smooth, high luster floors.

Waterproof Decks
Our seamless water proof decks are lightweight cementitious coatings that come with up to a 10 Year warranty, but have lasted 25+ years in the field. Installed over plywood without the seams showing up later leading to failure.

Garage and Industrial Floors
We offer the toughest chemical, abrasion and impact resistant floors available with awesome decorative options that are affordable.

Acid Stain
When an old world authentic look is desired there's nothing like a real acid stain.

Concrete Overlays
Here we can make your concrete look like almost anything.

Painted Concrete
Concrete is the most cost effective floor building material. Make it attractive with several painted concrete techniques, colors, and designs.

concrete services:

Waterproof Decking


lightweight and strong with an infinite number of options
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Acid Staining


durable and elegant, creates a mottled, marble like look in a variety of colors
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Concrete Overlays


decorative overlays in a variety of looks and styles
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Garage Floors


durable and easy to maintain, in a variety of colors
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Service Area In Washington
We service Lakebay, Allen, Shelton, Purdy, Gig Harbor & nearby areas.

Decorative Concrete